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  • Reduce crime, the fear of crime, and improve the quality of life of Auburn's residents.
  • Improve the trust and collaboration between community residents, businesses and police officers
  • Augment education and training of crime prevention and youth intervention.
  • Remain on the cutting edge of best practices that promote safe, livable, viable neighborhoods and business districts.

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    There are wolves. There are sheep. And thankfully, there are the sheepdogs. ...

    As people run from the gun fire, these fine men and women who are true heroes ran towards the gun fire. What an unbelievable response from Broward Sheriff's Office Coral Springs Police Margate Police Department Coral Springs Fire Department Fort Lauderdale Police Department Coconut Creek Police Department. Thank you for your sacrifice and service during this active shooting at Majorie Stoneman Douglas today.

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    Auburn MA Police Department shared Auburnmassfire's post. ...

    Tonight the Town's Local Emergency Management Planning Committee (LEMPC) met and conducted a dry run of our Emergency Operations Center (EOC) and tested some of our new equipment at the Auburn Police Department. Department heads and other officials setup the EOC including it's technology such as phones, radios, network connections and our new amplified TV antenna so we have less reliance on cable television. The EOC becomes the hub of any large scale emergency in the community. It's critical to run through the procedures of setup to increase efficiency of operations.

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