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Andrew J. Sluckis, Jr.  Chief of Police

Our Goals

  • Reduce crime, the fear of crime, and improve the quality of life of Auburn's residents.
  • Improve the trust and collaboration between community residents, businesses and police officers
  • Augment education and training of crime prevention and youth intervention.
  • Remain on the cutting edge of best practices that promote safe, livable, viable neighborhoods and business districts.

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    Congratulations to all of the new officers. Good luck in your new careers serving your respective communities.
    Remember.."There are a lot of things in life that matter. But nothing matters as much as who or what you decide to serve." M. Lutttrell

    SPMA7 Graduation Today, the SPMA7 (State Police Municipal Academy) graduated 43 police officers. Only 42 were present, as one new officer, Westminster, MA Police Department Officer Andrew Leoscher was tending to his brand new baby with his wife. Here are some images from today. The remainder of the photos can be found at

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    Here is some video from earlier today when we got a call for a dog in distress in a car at Auburn Plaza.
    APD Officers and Animal Control Officer A. Contois located and removed the dog from a hot car where temperatures reached 120 degrees.
    Thankfully it all worked out and the dog is doing ok.
    The owner was given a $150 citation by Animal Control for leaving the dog in the car.
    Now that summer is upon us, remember that vehicles in the sun heat up quickly to unsafe temperatures.

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    Happy Fathers Day 2017 to all the fathers and especially the Fathers here at the APD who work hard to take care of their community and their families day in and day out.
    Extra thanks to Officer B. Starkus (who is working all day today) for letting us use the pic of his son.
    Have a great day!

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