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Andrew J. Sluckis, Jr.  Chief of Police

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  • Reduce crime, the fear of crime, and improve the quality of life of Auburn's residents.
  • Improve the trust and collaboration between community residents, businesses and police officers
  • Augment education and training of crime prevention and youth intervention.
  • Remain on the cutting edge of best practices that promote safe, livable, viable neighborhoods and business districts.

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    Great job trooper! This just goes to show that you never know what any car stop holds for any of us. Well done. ...

    Today (January 15) at 1:45 a.m., Massachusetts State Trooper Sergio Figueiredo stopped a gray 2003 Honda Accord on Route 84 in Sturbridge after it failed to move over for an ambulance with lights and sirens on. There were four men inside the Honda and Trooper Figueiredo witnessed them shoving something under the seats inside the vehicle. He also saw a large sticker on the rear of the vehicle that read 'TRABA 24K' with a silhouette of a rooster pictured on it. Trooper Figuerido observed that a bag under one of the car seat's was moving, and he heard noises coming from inside it. He radioed for backup. The four occupants of the vehicle were removed and Trooper Figueiredo, who has hens of his own at home, recognized what sounded like hen or rooster noises coming from inside one of the bags. The sounds were, in fact, those of a rooster, and inside two laundry bags and a plastic garbage bag, -a total of three roosters were located. The animals were in poor condition and Trooper Figueiredo feared at first that two of them were dead. The roosters had no feathers left on them below the neck and chest area and were covered with gouges on their breasts, legs and heads. Also inside the vehicle were a bag containing several rolls of medical tape, nail files, a block of wax, long sharp acrylic talon, pictures of a rooster, and a container of styptic powder which is used to stop bleeding. The four men were placed under arrest for animal cruelty and other charges and the Sturbridge Animal Control Officer was contacted to assist with the roosters. The birds were taken to Tufts Veterinary Hospital in Grafton where they are being provided with medical care. All four were transported to the State Police Barracks in Sturbridge where they were booked and later released on $500 bail each. The four men, 22, 23,26 and 54, are all from Lawrence. All four face charges including: 1. Animal Cruelty 2. Animal Fight, Keeping or Promoting 3. Conspiracy The driver of the vehicle was also charged with obstructing an emergency vehicle. Anyone who witnesses or suspects animal cruelty is urged to call the Animal Rescue League at 617-226-5610.

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    The APD recently received 950 copies of coloring books from Roberta Sapphire and her husband who represent a non-profit organization that we had partnered with called "The Law, Your Money and You". The books will be distributed to Auburn students in Grades K-2 in the next week. Pictured with the Sapphires are APD Chaplain Father Jonathan Slavinskas, Court Officer P.P. Lombardi, Sergeant J. Kelleher, Lieutenant T.R. Lemon, SRO B. Kennedy. ...

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    Auburn MA Police Department shared America Going Blue's photo. ...

    UPDATE: Orlando police officer killed, and massive manhunt underway for suspect Orlando Police Department (Florida) officer shot 9 times outside Walmart in Pine Hills area. "According to a witness at the scene, a female Orlando police officer was shot numerous times by a man wearing a security uniform." Media source:

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