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Andrew J. Sluckis, Jr.  Chief of Police

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    Here are a few pictures from today’s funeral for Yarmouth PD Officer Sean Gannon.
    We had twelve officers in attendance today and approximately the same number for the wake last evening.
    A day to remember the service and community commitment of Officer Gannon.
    Rest In Peace....

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    Take a minute to watch this video of the Yarmouth Police Chief. ...

    Chief Frederickson’s speech at Off. Sean Gannon’s candle light vigil. And in my hour of darkness She is standing right in front of me Speaking words of wisdom "Let it be" Change is needed. Help us. Please share! This video is the courtesy of WCVB Channel 5 Boston.

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    This post is shared from Yarmouth PD, but we agree with the sentiment and anger that they are sharing; having gone through a very similar situation less than two years ago with Officer Tarentino. Things need to change and hopefully something positive will come from this. Thank you all for your supportive words since this senseless tragedy unfolded on the Cape a few days ago. ...

    BOLD AS A LION Good Morning! Less than 48 hours ago, a coward took the life of one of our Police Officers. The attack stunned us and brought us to our knees… We would like all of our supporters to know that we are resilient and we stand strong, proud, and committed and nothing will ever keep us down or stop us from serving and protecting the people of our community…and each other. The name of person who attacked our beloved Police Officer Sean Gannon, and our innocent Police dog K9 Nero, will never be uttered in our building or in any of our Media Releases or Facebook posts. We only refer to him as 125...which stands for the number of prior criminal charges he has on his Board of Probation criminal record in Massachusetts. The Massachusetts Criminal Justice System has let us down and failed to protect our community and our Yarmouth Police Department. Our organization is pushing forward as we have broken families to support—a community who loves us—and a coward known as 125 behind bars... who has earned the death penalty. The men and women of the Yarmouth Police Department remain steadfast to our commitment to excellence in policing and we invite all people—from all walks of life—and all over our nation—to stand strong together with us at our Candlelight Vigil held here on the grounds of Yarmouth Police Department Headquarters—the home of Yarmouth Police Officer Sean M. Gannon and K9 Nero—tonight at 7PM.

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