LTC Firearms

As required by statute, the “Massachusetts Gun Transaction Portal” will be operational on March 15, 2015.  As of that date, all Massachusetts firearms licensees and gun owners will be required to report all personal sales and transfers of firearms to the DCJIS via the new Portal. Paper FA-10 forms will no longer be accepted by the DCJIS for these transactions and will be returned to the submitting individual.


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Auburn PD Firearms Licensing

  • License to Carry/Firearms Identification Card Applicant Instructions
  • You must be a resident of Auburn or have a business in Auburn
  • Please read and follow ALL instructions carefully
  • Incomplete applications will NOT be processed !!
  • Fill out application forms completely.
  • Answer all questions and be sure to sign the application.
  • Once your application is completed, Place the application along with check or money order in a 10" x 13" size envelope and mail it to:
      • Auburn Police Department
      • Attn: Firearms Licensing Unit
      • 416 Oxford Street North
      • Auburn MA 01501
  • Finally contact Lieutenant Todd Lemon via email or the business line at 508-832-7777 to set up an appointment in the Firearms Licensing Department.


 Click on the following form or application links:


 Applicants, be sure to submit the following:

  1. Copy of successful completion of Firearms Safety Course or Hunter Education Program if new license or if renewing as a new resident of Auburn "Approved Firearms Safety Courses"
  2. Check or Money Order payable to the Auburn Police Department in the amount of $100.00. NO CASH WILL BE ACCEPTED.
  3. FID Under 18 cost is $25.00
  4. Age 70 or older renewals are no charge.
  5. Review explanation of question #10 of LTC/FID application


********** NOTE **********

  • Applications will be entered into the computer system and fingerprints and pictures will be taken by appointment only.
  • To make appointment, contact Lieutenant Todd Lemon via email or the business line at 508-832-7777 (Please be sure to leave your email address and telephone number)
  • Upon completion of this process your permit will be electronically sent to the Department of Public Safety for final processing.
  • This process should take approximately ninety (90) days.
  • Once a permit is competed, you will be notified and the permit will be available for pickup at the police station
  • Applicants can check with Lieutenant Todd Lemon via email on the status of their permits if not received within 12 to 14 weeks after applying.


********** NOTE **********

If any applicant has appeared in court for any criminal case(s) or has been the subject of a restraining order, YOU must submit all police reports, affidavits and court documents pertaining to the incident(s). Each application will be reviewed by the Auburn Police Department to determine suitability.

If your application is denied for any legal reason your permit fee will NOT be refunded !!